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Mission  Statement

Low Key Arts provides opportunities for all ages to experience performances and workshops by musical, cinematic and artistic innovators from around the world.

Low Key Arts is a 501c3 public charity. With the help of dedicated sponsors and volunteers, Low Key Arts has been producing original, forward-thinking and independent music and art in the small town of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas since 2005.

At Low Key Arts we believe that artistic expression is essential to the growth and development of people of all ages. We seek to offer all individuals opportunities to experience, understand, and engage in artistic expression across a diverse field of media.

We believe that individual artistic development supports a positive community. By offering educational, experiential, and volunteer opportunities, we bring individuals together in support of a common cause and create an environment which nurtures community bonds.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our goal in developing a community is to foster an exponential energy which we expect to multiply our efforts in improving the world around us.

We believe that exposure to artistic innovation that challenges the audience to see the wider world promotes further creativity by broadening understanding and possibility. Performances from a wide variety of cultures provide people of all ages within our community encouragement to create and share their unique stories, feelings, and perspectives.

We believe that our volunteers, donors, and sponsors are the foundation of this organization. Community members who generously share their time and resources are the lifeblood of Low Key Arts and the programs we offer.